Our Made to Lead Leadership Course Was Built to Help you Make Disciples and Make a Difference!

At Makers, we know that making a difference in the world requires us to deploy into the world as Kingdom leaders, but that doesn’t happen on accident. Just like you must be intentional in becoming a disciple, you must be intentional in developing your leadership. That is why we created our Made to Lead Leadership Course. This five-level leadership course will equip you with insight on how to lead yourself, where God is sending you to lead, and how to lead effectively and victoriously in those places of influence!
Sessions are held at 7:00pm on Monday evenings.

Coming Fall of 2024


In the Made to Lead Leadership Course, you will learn what it means to serve Jesus and lead in the places of influence He has called you to!

There are five levels that break down what it means to DEVELOP, DEPLOY, THRIVE, CONQUER, and ADVANCE as a leader and a disciple of Jesus.


This course will develop your God-given leadership abilities in ways that you have not experienced before. Don’t wait any longer to understand that you were made to lead!

Coming Fall of 2024

Made to Lead Levels


Level One is the starting point for leadership because it is all about developing yourself through personal growth and discipline. Learning about yourself is foundational to becoming a Kingdom leader. This level will bring insight into how you should think, speak, interact with others, and even keep yourself healthy as a leader. This kind of intentionality is needed to be positioned to lead well.


Level Two is crafted to help leaders discover where God has called them to lead. Jesus desires for each of us to deploy into the world to make a difference, but learning where is the critical component. This level will bring insight on all seven places of societal influence, and how Kingdom leaders infiltrate these places to make a Godly impact on people and worldly systems.


Level Three focuses on how the greatest leader, Jesus, has gifted each of us with specific characteristics and qualities to thrive in the places of societal influence He has sent us. This level breaks down the five-fold ministry gifts found in Ephesians 4 and how each leader has been graced by God in a specific way to truly thrive. Understanding and growing in these gifts brings clarity on how to be effective in the position and place God has called you to lead.


Level Four equips each leader with the practical strategy and spiritual weapons to live and lead victoriously in the areas of society we have been deployed into. This level will reveal how Satan opposes and attacks Kingdom leaders in subtle and substantial ways and how each leader can conquer all attacks with the authority Jesus has given us. This level is vital for leaders in understanding that our opposition is not people but the spirits and systems of this world.


Level Five teaches how leaders can consistently advance in every step and season of their leadership in the world for God’s Kingdom. This level reveals the ingredients every leader needs to possess to walk through the highs and lows of making a difference in this world for the Kingdom. The best leaders know that longevity always provides the greatest opportunity for true change and lasting effectiveness.


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