Our Made to Make Discipleship Was Built to Help you Make Disciples and Make a Difference!

At Makers, we recognize we are made disciples to make disciples. Jesus commands us to do this in Matthew 28:19 - Go and make disciples of the nations. This seven-week course is designed to help you do just that! Throughout each lesson, you will find yourself being equipped and empowered to step into your own calling to reach the people around you.
Sessions are held at 7:00pm on Wednesday evenings.

Coming Fall of 2024


In the Made to Make Discipleship Course, you will learn what it means to not only love Jesus, but live for Him as well!

There are five levels that break down what it means to KNOW, GROW, BELIEVE, SERVE and GO as a disciple of Jesus.


This course will give you a strong biblical foundation and develop your relationship with God in ways that you have not experienced before. Don’t wait any longer to understand that you were made to make!

Coming Fall of 2024

Made to Make Levels

Made to Make Level 1-01

Level One is crafted to help you fully know and understand your decision to follow Jesus in your daily life. From the importance of the cross, to the person holy spirit, or to learning how we have the bible. This level brings great insight and clarity to foundational parts of your walk with the lord.


Level Two is designed for you to grow in your knowledge of spiritual disciplines that strengthen your relationship with the father. It will help you recognize the importance of things like forgiveness and spiritual warfare in a disciple’s life.

Made to Make Level 3-01

Level Three focuses on one of the most important issues for many Disciples: What we believe and why we believe it! This level brings together head and heart knowledge in sound biblical doctrine from understanding the trinity, to the rapture, and second coming of Christ.

Made to Make Level 4-01

Level Four teaches you what it means to serve and shine in this world for the Kingdom of God! This level provides biblical truth on the gifts and talents the Lord has placed in you to serve and lead, and helps you understand how to be a contributor in your church and everyday life.

Made to Make Level 5-01

Level Five equips you to go as a disciple of Jesus. You were Made to Make, and this level reveals how to spiritually and practically be a laborer in the harvest, and win people to the Kingdom of God.

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