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Welcome to Makers Academy
Where School Is Made different

What is Makers Academy?

Makers Academy is a unique hybrid homeschool that intentionally partners with parents to develop Kingdom-minded, difference-making disciples who will stand firm in their faith both now and in the future. We strive for excellence in both the scholastic and spiritual growth of our students, and we passionately pursue both Spirit and truth.


Spiritual & Academic Development

We believe worship is a postrue of the heart that encompasses all aspects of learning. From Morning Encouter services and discipleship courses, to interdiciplinary subjects, Makers Academy seeks to enrich the WHOLE student - mind, body, and spirit.

What Sets Us Apart? 

  • Hybrid approach
  • Trained teachers
  • Organized curriculum plan
  • Teacher and peer accountability
  • Deep and rich spiritual development
  • Classical and Charlotte-Mason academic approaches
  • Limited and intentional use of technology
  • Friday field trips options
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