100 Days of Prayer, Fasting, Bible Reading, Consecration, and Generosity

Thank you so much for joining Makers Church and thousands of other believers in the 100 Movement. We believe 2022 is a pivotal and prophetic year for the people of God in the Earth. This movement was birthed through Kingdom leaders around the country where they heard God speaking about the number 100, and the word “glory.” Specifically, God released this phrase to hearts declaring, “100 days until My glory." After much prayer, discussion, and continued spiritual confirmations, this movement was established. So, for the first 100 days of 2022 we are coming together to prepare, pursue, and position ourselves to experience and receive the glory of God in our churches and our nation! As you join us in this initiative, there are 4 pillars of daily participation that we will begin on January 1, 2022.


We are committing to
praying 100 minutes a week throughout the 100 days.
This equates to about 14-15 minutes per day spent with the Father in prayer. We know that when we meet with God, He meets with us!

Reading the Bible

We are committing to reading God’s Word 100 minutes a week throughout the 100 days. This equates to about 14-15 minutes per day of Bible reading. We have provided a reading plan link that will allow you to read the entire New Testament during this time!

Consecration and Fasting

We are committing to 100 days of consecration, specifically through fasting. You don’t have to fast all food for 100 days (nor do we recommend that), but it can be a meal a day, a Daniel fast (no meats, sweets, or breads), or just a specific food that you regularly consume. For those who choose not to fast, you can consecrate yourself to the Lord by giving up social media or something that is not food related for 100 days. Remember, consecration and fasting are all about sacrifice and setting yourself apart from something and unto the Lord!


We are committing to giving every day during the 100 days through acts of kindness and generosity. You could pay for someone’s meal, coffee,
or gas. Speak a word of encouragement to someone. Give someone something and expect nothing in return. We want to show others the love of Jesus through generosity!

Bible Reading Plan:

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